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Mu’s bonus to pay for the kidney transplantation of his close relatives. He said his relatives have also been working in Abu Dhabi until two years ago, he returned to India due to his illness. Just like my own brother, both of his kidneys are dysfunctional, etc., and he has been working hardpowerball december 10 2016 on weekly dialysis for many years. I can't express in words what I can do for him now

The man bought the lottery ticket on Friday, March 13th (commonly known as Black Friday). This seemingly unlucky day has brought an extraordinary lucky experience to the man.

On October 23, 2018, she bought the winning lottery ticket at a convenience store in Simpsonville, and it was not until March 4 that she went to the lottery center to claim the prize.

"This week, a proposal to protect the privacy of winners was opposed by the Idaho Lottery Commission, but the State Legislative Council approved the proposal.

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